Our Story

The “BESTFOR …” is a company that idea started from Japan and grows with the Franchise method.

The current economic slowdown has created and surfaced new trends and facts in the retail space. The functional model today references either very expensive branded products or very cheap and low quality “me too” ones.
In-between these two polarized trends, a new approach is emerging that combines quality and smart design with a good price – a combination that represents great value for the end consumer.

And this is how the idea for “BEST FOR…” was born and developed. “BEST FOR…” for the four friends, was not just a business idea or simply a company, but an alternative philosophy. It was born to truly cover a consumer gap; it was born to design, to implement and to give people of all ages, incomes, races and needs, without discrimination, the right products to cover their true and simple desires. It was born to give a chance to everyone to experience the joy, the fashion and a healthier way of living. It was born to provide to all, a different Life Philosophy. Nature, Humanity, Emotion, Love and Respect for your fellow man and woman, were values which had been neglected during this dark period of time and now these were and are values which will help solve the problem.